Winter Talk Series: UX Research with Amon Neequaye

Laura Charria
1 min readOct 31, 2023


Do you ever meet someone and go ‘woah’? If you have, keep reading, and if you haven’t, I hope one day you do.

Today I am thankful to have moderated a panel for the Cognitive Science Student Association and to have had the opportunity to interview and learn from Amon Neequaye.

Amon is a 2016 Cognitive Science graduate from UC San Diego, who has had the drive and the potential to work at some of the most sought out companies by graduates. Having worked at Sony, Google, Facebook, EA, and now Roku, Amon has been at multiple companies, always seeking to improve and learn from every experience.

On his free time, he is a model and owns his own real estate agency.

Not only that, but Amon has a smile that lights up any room and a sense of humor that is unreachable. Amon shared some useful tips with us that you might find helpful too!

Tip #1

Do the job before you get the job

Get experience and try to find innovative solutions to everyday problems, using technologies you would be using in your day to day in your job.

Tip #2

Experience = Interview Prep

Projects serve as models for how you will think and design in the workspace, so dive into them with creativity.

Tip #3

Presentation skills are important

Presenting your ideas will be useful, especially since you will be collaborating with members with different roles.