How To Implement 20 UI/UX Design Trends

Laura Charria
3 min readFeb 16, 2023


Have you ever wondered, what are some of the best trends going on right now in the design world?

Photo by Axel Ruffini on Unsplash

Look no further, here is a full list:

  1. Meaningful value

The first and most important UX/UI trend is to make sure that there is more emphasis on meaning, instead of sensation and emotion. A quote that resonates the most with this is: “Why you do something will be more important than what you do”.

2. Astonishing animation

The second trend is to have animated, development tools where you can have interactive projects.

The quote that resonates with this is “Time to make a move. Literally”.

3. Asymmetry & split screen

Focus on understanding boundaries, structure, and symmetry. For example, you can have a split screen on your computer. By far, the most simple, efficient layout you could have.

The quote that resonates with this is “Split”.

4. Low-key gradients

For the fourth step, since we have a I know we have AI and automation it’s all about colors, simplification, and reduction.

5. Harmonious colors

Learn how to combine different color palettes.

“Tone it down”.

6. Human writing

Human writing means being able to choose the right way to show the product.

The quote is: “There are no magic words”.

7. Blended experiences

A graphic is always more eye-catching than words. Once you’re able to tailor it to them user, you will be able to enhance the behavior in relation to different videos and illustrations.

“Build experiences, not construction kits”.

8. Beauty

“Ensure it’s made by humans for humans”.

9. Developer

Implementing new trends using HTML and CSS to be the central focus of the whole process.

10. Empty space

When you have a good, clear balance of the message, you will have more space around the message. Empty space allows an idea to easily stand out.

11. Heavy renders

Using high fidelity renders allows the user to gain a tactile experience.

12. Varying UX

Changing the experience based on the user, allows you to tailor the experience based on your audience.

13. Mobile browsing

Swiping and scrolling are key mobile features to also implement to desktop versions.

14. Typographic overlap

Ensure your typography is clear and stands out.

15. Illustrations

Ensure you’re on top of illustration market trends, producing content, and putting business at the forefront of it all.

16. Custom navigation

Allow an easy navigation between what is visible and hidden. Allow information to be clearly displayed.

17. Full-screen visuals

Ensure the center of the screen has the most important point, since that is where the eyes go first.

18. Data visualization

Tell a story using visualization. Use 3D graphics to display meaningful data. Allow data to be easily digested.

19. Uninterrupted UX

Ensure users have enough motivation to go through all of the pages. Have clear buttons about the actions the users can take.

20. Dignity

Remember, why you do the things you do, keep asking questions, be curious, and stay creative throughout every step of the journey. Know that every mistake brings you closer to the solution.

“Creativity is the discipline you use when you don’t know the answers or when you’re traveling to parts unknown. On this type of journey, missteps are actually steps. Every mistake brings you closer to the solution.”