1 Second Every Day: Life-Changing New Year’s Habit — Life Long Lessons

Wait, what?

1 Second every day? Yes, 1 second every day. Sound familiar? Not so familiar?

No way, tell me more. Step One

A new way of living, that’s what the 1 second every day taught me, and you can learn it too! Of course, like all good things in life, you need to be equipped with the right tools.

Step Two

Next up, you will need to install an app that will let you edit videos. One of my favorite ones to use is completely free and you can download it on the App Store, called iMovie.
If not, there is another app I really recommend for anyone who tends to have full storage on their phone, called 1SE. The one I am using at the moment out of those two apps is 1SE, and I am using the free version without paying any extra money whatsoever. It is incredible and I recommend it 100%.

Step Three

One of the best things about 1SE is that it will basically do all of the editing for you, but that brings me to step number three and the final step of them all. You will need to actually do the 1 second every day.

Big Finale

At the end of the year, you will find a surprise and you will experience the true power of how small moments add up to big ideas you had never thought of before.



Love to create! Hope you enjoy!

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